Designed, Recorded and Produced by Tim Kent

HATCD001...Feb 1992
Originally a cassette for THE FERRETS (Me and Ivor)...we changed our name to TWO AND A HAT in 1992.

HATCD002...April 1994
Originally a cassette...converted to CD...had a nice set of reviews from the Folk world. First time we went commercial!


HATCD004...May 1996
We are starting to play popular songs and covers...still with a strong folk bias.

HATCD005...Nov 1998
My first CD made for a folk club. Loads of talent amongst the locals and a lot of fun making it.

HATCD007...Dec 1998
My second Folk Club recording...loads of variety here and a wonderful record for the archives! "Another Bloody Monday Down The White Horse Inn" Track 19, still makes me smile!

HATCD008...March 1999
Sussex-based Roy Nash and Noel Dumbrell combine their sound of concertina, harmonica and voices so well...their songs stand the test of time.

HATCD009...March 1999
Me with my "Stage Name" for entertaining in Nursing and Residential Homes here in Sussex. I learned Rare Ould Times from notes given to me by my friend Val Wagstaff living in Belfast. This CD has 6 of my own songs included.

HATCD010...May 1999
Maria Cunningham...Sussex unaccompanied singer / songwriter who has recently sadly passed on. This CD we recorded in Eastbourne and I accompany Maria on 4 tracks. It is a lovely collection of (mainly) her songs and will stand the test of time!

HATCD012...June 1999
Ivor and me making our 4th CD.

HATCD014...Oct 1999

A wonderful eclectic collection of songs, poetry and corny jokes from the 'mob' who played at The Norfolk Arms Folk Club in Steyning, West Sussex. Roy Nash and Noel Dumbrell ran it happily for many years.This is my 3rd Folk Club Recording...which was done in Roy's house in Steyning with loads of "pub noises" to make it sound authentic! Great Fun...24 tracks...loads to remember.

HATCD015...Oct 1999

Denise and Stuart Savage...ever popular local Sussex Folk entertainers. I recorded this (their first CD) in their home...it's really nice and relaxed and will stand the test of time!

HATCD016...Nov 1999
My 4th Folk Club recording with Clive Bennett and all the locals...plenty of lovely material to savour here...23 tracks...72 mins.

HATCD017...Dec 1999

Morris...Sussex multi-instrumentalist and singer / entertainer. This was his first CD and a really happy and successful one too. Still think he has the best beard in town!

HATCD018...Feb 2000
Tapsall Catch, Sussex based acapella / folk band who always gave their audiences exciting and entertaining songs. This CD is a tribute to them and dear Curly...RIP.

HATCD019...Feb 2000
Sussex-based man with a wonderfully deep sonic voice Pete Collins...his first CD. Pete did all the designing of this CD...I just recorded it. It's a lovely one. You will enjoy his songs and voice...and in 20 years time so will his grandchildren!

HATCD020...March 2000
My 5th Folk Club recording here in Sussex. Another wonderfully eclectic batch of songs and poetry from the 'crew' at Horsham...lovely material to savour and save for years to come!

HATCD021...March 2000
Clive Bennett, MC and host of The Seaford Folk Club, gives us a wonderful collection of unaccompanied folk songs from his vast repertoire. He talks about each song and gives us a history as well as a really enjoyable hour's listening.

HATCD022...March 2000
Sussex- based singer / songwriter / guitarist Andy Payne gives us 15 self-penned originals...his first CD.
Recorded in a church in East Grinstead.

HATCD023...May 2000
Worthing-based Irish folk group Foreman 5 make their first CD. Loads of different folk instruments and tunes and songs combine to make this a really enjoyable CD!

HATCD024...June 2000
Me and James Morris combine forces for a trip to Denmark to play to holiday audiences in a Danish Seaside resort. This CD has a mixture of well-known standards and some of our songs. We did, and still do, have loads of fun with our musical entertaining in Denmark. Skol!

HATCD025...June 2000
Leslie and Tony are a superb acapella duo who have gained much respect and admiration in the Folk world. I was priviledged to record them in May 2000 and this CD will definately stand the test of time! There is a fascinating sparkle in their harmonies for Tony sings 'higher' and Leslie sings 'Lower'....refreshingly different!

HATCD026...June 2000

The Adur Youth Concert Band with their musical director Richard Baker...my first taste of recording a school orchestra...fascinating!

HATCD027...Oct 2000
This is my first solo cd with all my own songs. Will they stand up to the test of time? Only time will tell!

HATCD028...March 2001
Mack James is a remarkable entertainer who sings and plays guitar and bass foot pedal at the same time. His repertoire is large and he grabs an audience and keeps their attention well. A charmer with the ladies he has a fan-club who follow him around! This cd shows off his telents well.

HATCD029...March 2001
The 2nd CD from The Adur Youth Concert Band...new faces...same dedication! Nice one.

HATCD030...April 2001

I met Martin Jeremiah at The Horsham Folk Club way back when...he is an extraordinary singer / songwriter who specialises in creating songs about Peace and Justice in this world of ours. We have done many CDs together over the last decade and Martin has allowed me to add production sounds to many of his songs a task which I have greatly enjoyed. This is his first CD...always an important event in any musician's life...and these songs will stand the test of time.

HATCD031...April 2001
Alan Wheeler and Anne Sartain, well-known Sussex folkies, with a lovely cd which shows off both their talents well.
The cd cover design is from a painting by Anne.

HATCD032...June 2001
Music Box are a local Sussex-based 60s pop / instrumental group...modelling themselves on The Shaddows. They are really good. A breath of fresh air...and they are still gigging regularly! I really admire and am proud of this CD.

HATCD033...Sept 2001
Jo Hinchliff is a musician who has honed his art of playing a 'mean' accordion and singing popular songs over many years. He has had many years experience playing solo and with other musicians out on the streets of Brighton. His style of singing is sort of 'cockney-like' and has a charm all of its own. I found him charming and easy to record and the whole cd was recorded in a day. Enjoy!

HATCD034...Nov 2001
Mack James' second cd done at a "live" gig at The King's Head, Southwick, West Sussex. Mack had all his 'groupies' present and the atmosphere was down-right supa!

HATCD035...April 2002
The Patcham Silver Band with musical director Richard Baker. A classy Brass Band from Brighton making their debut CD...really nice and punchy!

HATCD036...April 2002
Martin Jeremiah's 2nd CD incorporating several extra local musicians and friends and a new batch of self-penned songs. Track 9 "The Dragon Slayed George" asked a question who really killed Jill Dando...very poignant and very true! Barry George was eventually cleared of her murder several years later. Did Martin's song here help his cause...I think 'yes'. It sewed doubt and that was it's intention. Well done Martin! Another crackingly good cd!

HATCD037...May 2002
The Horsham Accordion Band rang me and asked could I record them...no problem...we did the recording in two sessions in Horsham and everyone was delighted with the result. A cd obviously for Band Members' memorabilia and to sell at concerts.

HATCD038...May 2002
My third cd with this talented school orchestra and Richard Baker's enthusiastic musical direction.

HATCD039...June 2002
Me and James Morris aka The Hat Band...our second cd with a nice mixture of popular well-known songs and a sprinkling of our own...a formula which seemed to sell cds on our visits to Denmark!
By the way I do like malt whisky and I took the cover photo from my collection. Aye!

HATCD040...Jan 2003
Noel Dumbrell is one of the last truely Sussex-born unaccompanied folk singers around. He accompanies himself playing harmonica in the style of the late great Larry Adler. The songs on this cd are a tribute to another Sussex legendary folksinger the late Len Pelling who was around when Noel was a kid in the Sussex village of Ashurst. Noel's style of singing is very clear and listenable ...and his songs here all tell a tale. I spent a good deal of time recording and listening to ALL of Noel's words to these songs and after 3 days had them all written down word for word with all explanations of their meaning! Noel and I are very proud of this CD which will stand the test of time and be a super testamonial to his unique style of entertaining. I was disappointed at the mediocre local review of this CD and hope that in years to come certain people will change their viewpoints!

HATCD042...June 2003
Kevin Barber and Mark Taylor, Brighton-based entertainers, guitarists and singers (and now songwriters too) did a gig at The Open House pub (formerley The Springfield) in Brighton. I was doing the sound for this gig and recorded it "live"....this is the lovely result. Kevin and Mark's special guest was Don Watts (as seen in the cover pic) and they have since gone on to be really popular celebs on the local music scene and much further afield too! They have also recorded several more cds and penned loads more of their own songs. This was their first cd...nice one!

HATCD043...June 2003
Martin Jeremiah's 3rd CD with me at the co-production helm. More lovely self-penned songs to talk about!

HATCD044...Dec 2003
HATCD044...The Brighton Welsh Male Voice Choir had heard about my growing Hat Records Empire and rang me up and asked if I could make a CD for them...this was a new challenge which I eagerly relished. I bought a new set of special Condenser microphones and on the planned morning set off for a church in Neville Avenue, Hove to do a day's recording. This was a lovely experience and the Lads and lassies were on fine form and they made me feel welcome! I made them feel at ease too and the net result was a wonderful CD to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. Naomi Sinstadt provided some lovely harp playing too to add a small variety to the choir's singing . This CD has sold so well for BWMVC over the years and continues to do so...I am so proud to have been responsible for it!

HATCD045...June 2004
Martin Jeremiah's 4th CD with me...still churning out those self-penned songs...he's a machine!
The cd cover design and back was by Vicky Jeremiah.

HATCD046...Aug 2004
Harveys Boys are me and my chum Barry Turner. We both share a passion for real ale especially our local Sussex Best Bitter "Harveys Best" and, with permission from Miles Jenner, head brewer at Harveys Brewery, Lewes, East Sussex, we called ourselves Harveys Boys and made this our first CD based around this wonderful beer and its brewery. Barry and I used to sing at The Baker and Oven pub in Marylebone, London, in the 70s, and our friendship has lasted all these years. We made this CD choosing well-known popular songs and some new originals of our own. All our friends had a copy and we often sing these songs at live gigs either down here in Sussex or more often up in Scotland, where Barry lives, at Hogmanay. I did all the musical production as well as the recording and we are both proud of the end result.
Some of these songs on this cd will have extra life in the future...more later!

HATCD048...Nov 2004
Terry Lees, Sussex-based guitarist asked me to record him and help him with producing a CD of which this is the result. I spent masses of time postmastering and the net result is what you hear. I never really got much credit for my creative work from Terry...but that's life! The cover photo for this album was taken by my chum John Collyer.

HATCD049...April 2005
Another CD for Richard Baker and his new venture The (Brighton-based) Class Brass Big Band.

HATCD050...June 2005
Andy Payne's second CD with me. This time Andy has singers to help him with harmony and backing vocals and me adding production sounds to his songs. Net result is a happy CD full of variety and originality of which I am extremely proud!

HATCD051...Sept 2005
Ben Hockliffe is a Sussex singer / songwriter / guitarist who came to me with a pocketful of raw songs which I recorded and then spent 4 weeks postmastering them until we were both delighted with the end result. To date this remains my favourite cd which I have produced! Please give it a listen if you can. Thanks, Ben, for your excellent songs!

HATCD052...April 2006
Jack Stainer is an extraordinary man! He use to be a world-travelled entertainer / singer / comedian and now in his 80s has all but lost his wonderful voice. I volunteered to record some of his original songs which are about the ups and downs of life and love! This collection of 11 songs is priceless...hope you enjoy it!

HATCD053...May 2006

James Morris and me aka The Hat Band make our 3rd CD to coincide with our regular summer trip to Denmark.
Usual mixture of well-known songs and some of our originals.

HATCD054...June 2008
Steve Flack is a Sussex singer / songwriter / guitarist who rang me and asked if I could record him and make him a CD for posterity. This was easily done without any post production from me. Steve knew exactly the sound he wanted and got it with very few second 'takes'. The result is a very pleasing selection of self-penned songs with some excellent guitar-playing! These will definately stand the test of time! By the way the front cover depicts my footprints on the beach at Southwick.

HATCD055...Feb 2011
The Hat Band (me and James) making our 4th CD for sale in Denmark. This time James did the recording, designing and postmastering. Our usual mix of popular and original material...we hope this will sell as well as our others!


HATCD 003...June 1995
From a cassette Two and a Hat made Live in Germany

HATCD006...April 1997
A Christmas Song I wrote called "The Bells of Christmas"

HATCD011...June 1999
A collection of songs by my friend James Morris called "Sweet Lies" which he recorded
and I just did the CD cover and front and back designs

HATCD013...Sept 1999
A Single called "Happy New Year" from my friend Paul Chi

HATCD041...March 2003
My song called "God Save Iraq" which I sent to many people
and had a personal reply back from Number 10, Tony Blair, thanking me for this!

HATCD047...July 2004
Barry Turner and I created this song called "They Were The Few" about The Battle of Britain.
We hope it will become a well-known song in memory of "The Few"


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