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Hat Records is an independent recording label run by Tim Kent. It is based on the south coast of England at Southwick, (which is a small village about 65 miles directly south of London and 4 miles west of Brighton). This label was established in 1998 and has recorded cds for local folk, rock, blues and classical musicians, singer/songwriters, duos and trios, clubs and youth bands who are attracted by its excellent reputation and word-of-mouth advertising and also by not having to purchase vast quantities of cds with their initial order. Since 1998 this record label has produced 55 CDs. Many people have just enough money for an initial first run of up to 50 CDs and it is this and the fact that this recording label is friendly and helpful to all and sundry (especially those who just want a momento of their music for old time's sake before it might be too late to even try) that has made Hat Records the skilled, local, happy, cottage-industrial success it is today.If you click on the CD years below you will see a selection of the many and varied types of musicians who have used this label. All these CDs were recorded and designed for Hat Records by Tim Kent. Each example has it's own musicfile or snippets for you to hear or download, and each CD can be ordered directly by e-mail using the order form on this website. If you are interested in making a CD....give Tim a call now on 01273 595614 and have a friendly chat and find out how easy the whole recording process is.

Nowadays the demand for CDs has waned and DVDs are all the rage! If you would like to be filmed on
HAT MUSIC FILMS for your own memory or to use on Myspace, YouTube or your own website then please contact Tim who will be delighted to quote you.


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