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My passion for taking photographs of musicians and entertainers has never ceased and of course I have a vast collection of pictures that I have taken over the years.CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY SPECIAL FOLK ARCHIVE FEATURING PICS OF THE 1980s AND 1990s.
Today I am still keen to take photographs and videos of Musicians, Musical Events, and all Styles and Characteristics of English Life as you will see by looking through this website.

Right now there are over 1000 of my photos on this website so please feel free to download any. I would appreciate if you are going to use them for your own purposes, commercial or otherwise, that you give me a copyright credit...thanks.

My other passion is Recording People and making CDs for them. I have set up my own independent recording label "HAT RECORDS" and have successfully made 55 CDs over these last years. ( See my website page on Recording CDs). But....the world of CDs is now slowing right down and Videos / DVDs arel taking their place. Hopefully there will still be a small market for CDs but The DVDs and musical videos are what I am into right now.

For many years I have been interested in playing cards especially Duplicate Bridge and Texas Hold'em Poker. These are amazing games and I indulge several times a week! My dear Mother, Jessica, who died 30 years ago, was a Master bridge player and she told me that this is an ideal game to keep the old grey cells working overtime when you get old! I have just reached "One Star Master" status last year and the old girl would have been proud.

My main hobby these days is continuing to make and edit my own live musical video films. Right now I have made 80 plus videos under my banner HAT MUSIC FILMS which are to be found on my Local Music Events pages on this website and can also be viewed in a larger format on: http://www.youtube.com/timofhatmusic

I am still writing and producing songs and still doing more reading (my 2004 New Year's Resolution...Have you read "The Hundred Year Old Man who climbed out of the window and disappeared by Jonas Jonasson?) I was inspired to read more books and watch less television and relax away from computers occasionally. I am really delighted to dedicate a "Good Read" page on this website to try and enthuse anyone in a similar situation. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY GOOD READ PAGE. I do seem to be reading a fair amount of Bridge and Poker books at present!

My musical duo "The Hat Band" (me and my new 2013 Hat Band partner Bing Lyle) continue to perform 'live' during The Tonder Folk Festival in Denmark at the end of August . We play at a wonderful venue The Victoria Cafe for 3 days for a total of 17 hours! What an amazing time we have! Thank you to all who come, sit , watch, listen, sing and chat with us...we will hopefully see you again next year at the end of August.

My New Year's resolution this year is to continue my walking as a regular activity. I aim to walk 10-25 miles a week regularly . I use a pedometer which I can recommend to anyone who wants to do the same .Good health becomes more important in one's middle life and Hippocrates, The Father of Medicine (460-377BCE) said "Walking is Man's best medicine".

I still want to re-learn the classical guitar, something I started years ago, and had let drop.I am afraid that has taken a back seat for too long. Talking of guitars I took delivery 4 years ago of a wonderful and unique "Stimme" guitar made by my friend and luthier Barry Murphy of Windmill Hill, here in Sussex. (Stimme is a name I chose for this guitar. It is a German word that means "Voice"). This guitar which is a hybrid took Barry three months to craft. It is made from wonderful Black African hardwood with a spruce top and Snakewood headstock (all supplied by Dave Dyke of Horham, Sussex)) and Barry used his craftsman's art in creating a beautiful and sonic small guitar to my specification. I am absolutely thrilled to pieces with it. CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY NEW STIMME GUITAR AND ALL THE STAGES IN IT'S CONSTRUCTION. It is with great sadness Barry died and passed on just recently. He was a true craftsman and a really good musician and will be missed by many!

I am still absolutely hooked on Sudoku too! The harder the better. So far I find the Sunday Times Review Section Sudoku one of the most challenging...have a go at it and let me know what you think. If you haven't yet got the Sudoku bug watch out...it IS infectious. Now five years into Sudokus I am mesmerised by "Killer" Sudokus and have graduated to the
"Ultimate" sort which hurt the brain but do you good!

This year 2014 is a magic year!....I'll tell you more later!

I suppose you can call me a typical "Jack of all Trades" because I have a vast interest in all aspects of life! My philosophy is always to promote good and positive vibrations in this world of ours and if I can "move it on in that way a few more inches" before I go then I will have done my job!

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