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Well this is me, TIM KENT

Born in London way back when! Now residing in the lovely Sussex village of Southwick right on the south coast of England---only 4 miles west of Brighton (which is directly south of London). I have been living here in Sussex since 1985 and have got to know many musicians and artistic people through my connections in the world of music---especially Folk music. I am a full-time professional entertainer / musician / songwriter and my hobbies are wide and varied but mainly centred around the world of Art and Music. I sing and play acoustic guitars, dulcimer, keyboards and harmonicas and will "have a go" at any instrument just for the fun of it.

I spend much of my time entertaining the Elderly in Residential and Nursing Homes here in Sussex and specialise in using many musical memories as a therapy to bring as much pleasure to them as possible. Doing this I am known by my "stage name" Tim West

When I am not entertaining in that format I find myself performing all styles of music---folk, pop, blues and rock either solo or in a number of different duos---in pubs, folk clubs, private functions or on regular occasions abroad in Europe, mainly Denmark and Germany.

I have run several successful Folk Clubs in the Brighton and Lewes area since coming here in 1985: "Noblefolk", "Hanburyfolk" and "The Wizard Folk Club" in Brighton. "Folk at The Elephant" in Lewes and for 4+ years "The Harbour Sessions" here in Southwick which ended on 1st March 2005. I spent over five years as the Producer for the local folk program "Minstrel’s Gallery" on BBC Radio Sussex in the late 1980’s. During those years I built up a vast network of contacts in the Folk Music world down here in Sussex.